Back and Spinal Disc Injuries


There are many individuals who suffer from many different types of back and spinal disc issues. It can be extremely painful and many of them need help to work through these issues. There are several other types of back pain, however, they do not originate from the intervertebral discs. When it comes to back pain, whether it is with or without sciatic are extremely common. Many and most of these are classified as "simple" back pain and anyneed of serious or underlying pathology is typically not even required. The clinical, however, must always be aware of any red flags of warning signs which may need an investigation and even an emergency admission. Spinal issues can be understood in a very big way, and this is mostly because many professionals do not agree on the cause of pain that is related to the spinal disc. Therefore, patients become frustrated because they have a hard time explaining this complex.

Spinal Disc Problems

Herniated-DiscSpinal discs can be found attached to the vertebrae above and below them, and they are round in diameter and flat on the top and the bottom. There can be many changes that can happen to the spine from stress or from aging, and it causes the discs to be prone to injury. Therefore, this can lead to leg pain, lower back pain, and many other symptoms such as numbness and weakness as well. There are many different terms that are used to describe certain disc problems, however, there are really only two main categories when it comes to disc problems. These two categories are degenerative disc disease and herniated disc. If the disc itself is in pain, the patient will then feel axial or referred pain, and this condition can occur with aging as the spine starts to dry out, therefore, losing their shock absorption and its flexibility.


As this process continues to grow, the inner part of the disc begins to shrink, and this will then provide little or less cushion between the vertebrae of the spine and the outer part of the disc that can suffer small tears, and this is where the severe pain comes from. It can be controversial where the cause of the pain generated, but there can either be a biomechanical component or a biochemical reaction. If there is a problem with a disc and it is causing nerve root pain, or the pain is traveling along one of the nerves that is in the spine, it is then referred to as radicular pain. This happens when the inner material of the disc leaks out of it, or in other words herniated, and then touches the nerve root. The material that resides within a disc is highly inflammatory, and if it has any contact with a nerve it will be extremely painful. As this material runs along the path of the nerve, the disc that herniates within the lower part of the spine and it can cause pain within the sciatic nerve, and can cause severe pain in the back of the leg.

Can Antioxidants reduce inflammation?

Everyone has heard the phrase that "you are what you eat", and this is an incredibly true statement. When it comes to eating the proper foods, it can actually help in relieving back pain. Antioxidants are a key important ingredient when an individual is suffering from back issues. Antioxidants can be found in almost every vegetable and fruit that you eat. An antioxidant is a molecule that has the capability of inhibiting certain molecules in our body from undergoing oxidation, and oxidation is can lead to the premature death of cells in the body. They are able to remove the free radicals within our bodies, and can then reduce inflammation which is one of the most common aspect from where our back pain comes from. There have been many research studies and patient testimonials that have shown that antioxidants help with arthritis reduction, as well as back pain relief. Therefore, if you are in individual who suffers from horrible back pain, it is prudent to add a multitude of antioxidants within your diet so that they will be able to fight off the inflammation in your back, therefore, having the ability to relieve a lot of your back pain issues. Eating right is the best way to help relieve any type of pain within the body, however, it is most helpful when it comes to patients who suffer from spinal and back pain.

In conclusion, spinal issues and diseases are very common in many of people in the world today. It is a pain that not many people can handle, yet they must suffer with it constantly. If it is something that is such a horrible pain that it can not be handled, then it is prudent to make sure and try to have some form of surgery to relieve this pressure, aches, and pains within your back so that you will have the ability to function better and without so much pain. If you change your diet and take in the proper foods, then it will help to take a lot of the back pain away, therefore, you may not need surgery unless it is considered dangerous for you to go without surgery.


Spinal disc injuries are not something that any individual will want to take lightly, because you could possibly be risking your bodies health by doing so. Seeing your doctor regularly and making sure to choose the proper foods or powerful antioxidants such as glutathione are a way to keep from having so much trouble with your back pain. It is not something that will go away, and it will take a lot of time to be able to figure out what exactly is going on inside of your body to make the pain so bad. Professionals can run plenty of tests to help you figure out what is going on with the back pain you experience. Taking proper care of your health and visiting your doctor regularly will be able to ensure that you have pain relief, as well as a more comfortable lifestyle.